Not Every Festival is My Favourite!

HOLI is over and there cannot be any better reason for me to be happy right now. Yes, I tell this clearly and every year, I hate the festival of Holi. Clearly, it is one of India’s most loved festivals filled with colors, drinks, music and of course, dance. But, it is also the golden opportunity for men who have been keeping an eye on every girl residing in their neighborhood or even somewhere close.

Shouting the line, “Bura na mano Holi hai!” these men believe it to be their birth right to throw and even approach any random girl walking by the street protecting herself from such morons to apply colors on her. Well, their primary motive has never been to apply color, but to TOUCH and MOLEST the very girl who never gave a shit about them.

Just the day before the festival, I remember myself walking towards the market area praying to God that I reach back home safe and clean. As I jumped upon a pool of water, I heard a splash of colored water balloon and the voice of a guy shouting, “Arre yaar behenchod miss ho gaya!” I immediately searched for the voice and turned my head upwards to see a guy laughing and throwing water balloons to people walking on the street. Our eyes met and I could see that he sensed my fear for the same. He then immediately shouted to his friend inside saying, “Aur la jaldi aur la jaldi!” That was when I understood that I should be running if I didn’t want to get all wet and eyes of such other morons staring at my wet tee to get a peek of my tits!

I don’t get it! I mean, festivals are meant to be enjoyed and not scare people. This anyway wasn’t the end, but I remember keeping myself locked inside my room the other day listening to people shouting outside and a few guys showing off their bike and I-can-be-so-pathetic-and-insanely cool skills. Ugh!